From single account how to concurrent meeting

Hi ,
i have list of teachers who want to schedule the meeting, But all of them dont have zoom account. is there way for me to create zoom meeting using api for them and share a link meeting can happen in parallel. so i am not able to use single account.

Even i tried to create meeting with other zoom user id , which is not part of my user managment but it says User does not exist

i dont want use oauth token , because it will ask user intervention in between creating the token.

Hi @lokesh.m ,

You can create the meetings for the other teachers and send them the invite, but since they are not on your account, they won’t be able to schedule the or host meetings themselves.

Additionally, you may run into the create a meeting API rate limits if you are generating more than 100 meetings per day through your user account for the teachers.

It would probably be best to have the teachers on your Zoom account and then create the meetings for their user manually through the web portal or via API to avoid some of these limitations. Also if they are on your account and have certain role privileges, they would be able to create the meetings via API.