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Hello. The back-end specialists are already in talks with your team to integrate and pay rates. But I also need help). I write only in Swift and do not understand the object. How our application works. The first user clicks on the photo of the second one, we send a request to the server, then the server sends an invitation to the second person, if he confirms, then we send the number and password to the first and second users and they should automatically go to screen 4 (in the attached images). Can I not show everything on screen 1-3? I want to completely customize my interface. I need users to only see and hear each other. All buttons on the chat screen will be responsible for the actions of the application. They will not be responsible for the actions of the zoom

Hey @hortondima,

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Yes, you can completely customize the UI. To do this, you must set enableCustomMeetingUI to be true within MobileRTCMeetingSettings:

MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingSettings()?.enableCustomMeeting = true

Then you must set a MobileRTCCustomizedUIMeetingDelegate.

This delegate provides two callbacks, onInitMeetingView, and onDestroyMeetingView.
When onInitMeetingView is called you can present your own viewController.
To populate that viewController with the video streams of a user, you can create MobileRTCVideoView (which is of type UIView). Once created you can call showAttendeeVideoWithUserID:(NSUInteger)userID on that MobileRTCVideoView to show the stream.

let videoView = MobileRTCActiveVideoView.init(frame: self.view.bounds)
videoView.showAttendeeVideo(withUserID: userID)

After customMeetingUI has been enabled, nearly everything can be customized.

Let me know if you have any troubles getting that going.

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