IOS how can i do CustomizeMeetingUI in Swift

sdc opens in full screen, I need to show video from the joing conference only in the view configured by me, but how to do this on Swift is not clear to me from the instructions.

it open on full screen , i need to open in some view. like in image

Hi @simpotyashka.27.08,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Based on the screenshot, it seems like you are using Zoom default UI. If you would like to have the meeting UI looks like the 2nd screenshot, you will need to use the Custom UI mode and draw your own meeting UI.


Please help,
i find institution

@implementation SDKStartJoinMeetingPresenter (CustomizedUIMeetingDelegate)

- (void)onInitMeetingView
  // Create & Present View Controller

  CustomMeetingViewController *vc = [[CustomMeetingViewController alloc] init];
  self.customMeetingVC = vc;
  [vc release];

  [self.rootVC addChildViewController:self.customMeetingVC];
  [self.rootVC.view addSubview:self.customMeetingVC.view];
  [self.customMeetingVC didMoveToParentViewController:self.rootVC];

  self.customMeetingVC.view.frame = self.rootVC.view.bounds;

what is self.customMeetingVC = vc; i don’t t have customMeetingVC in my controller, could you help me how create it in swift ?
I need joing a meeting and see video in custom small view

Hi @simpotyashka.27.08,

Thanks for the reply. If you are using the Custom UI mode, you have full control of how to draw your UI. The code in the sample app is just for demo purposes so you could refer to the implementation and modify them based on your project.