Zoom custom app on browser (jwt) view buttons not showing

Hello, i am develoiping a web page and managed to integrate zoom into it. but i found a problem recently and didn’t found any documentation about it on the forum.

Button to change view not showing on zoom web page integration:

recently integrated zoom to one of our web pages. can start meetings normally but some buttons are not showing in the meetings room, for example the speaker view to change the participants tiles display mode, because can not see them… only a participant at once… i will attach image where there is only the full screen button… is there a way to enable the speaker view button or the grid view button?

thanks in advance

JWT App type

in the image only appears the full screen button… regards

Hey @socialmedia2,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please see the following forum post and let me know if it answers your question:


I love u!!! that was the problem… i solved it following these steps

u are the best <3
Regards uwu

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No you’re the best! I’m really happy to hear that helped!

Happy Coding!


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