Gathering Meeting Information Through API if I am not the Host

Is it possible to get meeting event data if my account is not the meeting host?

The scenario is that I will have a business account (owned by me) invited to meetings created by people who are all using personal accounts. I will never be the host of the meeting. Would I still be able to retrieve meeting event data through the meeting event webhook?

Hi @sherifbadwy,

Good question. To clarify, will these other users belong to the same overall account as your user profile, or are these entirely separate Zoom accounts?

If these are entirely separate Zoom accounts, you would need to create an OAuth App with event subscriptions, and follow our submission process to publish it publicly. Then users could install the app and you’d be able to receive events for their accounts.

If these users are under the same account as you, you can use a Webhook Only app to receive events, regardless of whether you’re the host or not. :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @will.zoom ,
Thank you! Yes, that helps a lot! They are entirely separate Zoom accounts. The one I own would only be a participant, never the host, and most of the time would not even actually participate - only accept the request.

If you don’t mind me following up on this question, is there a way to gather participant “talk time” during the call through the API/Webhook or would we have to develop an app for that as well?

Hey @sherifbadwy,

Good question!

There’s not an out-of-the-box method for determining the length of time each participant spoke. However, if you have a Business or higher plan with audio transcription enabled, you can reference the timeline file for a recorded meeting. You can find more details on that here:

Let me know if this helps,

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