Generate Meeting URL for User Host

Would I be able to create a meeting URL between two users, with one acting as host and the other participant, both on free plans? I want to be able to seamlessly redirect users to a one to one video chat. User should be able to click a button, get a generated meeting url and then go to that url and sign in. Would assign host to whoever clicked the button to generate the url.

Sorry!  Found my answer. Thanks.

Hi Wolf, our  REST API access is available only on paid plans. you can look at our usage based plan which will allow you to create unlimited users and meetings through the APIs. There are two options:

(1) You could create users in zoom when your user sign up. When they click that button, you can call our meeting API to create a meeting and get the URL back and launch it.

(2) If you don’t want to on board users in Zoom, you could maintain a pool of instant meeting URL’s (on virtual user accounts) and use them 

Bottom line, you need to have a paid plan with us.


Wei @ Zoom


Never mind.

Hi Wolf? 

Just wondering if you could post your solution, thanks in advance.