OAUth App creating a meetings between our website users

We are not having a bug but we are not getting the desired response.

Our Goal. We have a chat system on our website. It is not a zoom chat, it is a standalone private chat system that has a “click to call” button.

When the button is clicked it creates a Zoom meeting link in the chat for the users to click and call each other and have a meeting.

Every time a meeting is created by clicking the “click to call” button, it ads me as the admin and makes me a participant (host), even if i am not supposed to be part of the call. Its almost as if the each meeting is being created by me, no matter who clicks our “Click to Call” button and generates a meeting.

The only participants should only be the people that click that newly generated Zoom link that is in the chat.

The call is supposed to only be between the users in that chat that see the link and click the link. But it keeps adding me personally even if i have not clicked the link.

Is there a way to make it so i don’t have to part of the call between the 2 people in the chat?

Our current APP is set up settings:

  • Intend to publish: No
  • Account-level app
  • OAuth app


Can someone please guide me on what i did wrong or provide a solution to achieve the goals i have listed above…

Hi @robert.gartside83
Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Have you guys tried assigning alternative_hosts or co-host upon meeting creation??

Check out this link as well that talks about the Scheduling privileges

Hope this helps

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