Create meeting link for everyone


I want to create a meeting link for any user in my app. User clicks on link and begin a meeting.

Now the link that I create is based on my account name, so some users can not join the meeting until I am not joining. Some users can join, but my account name is implicitly assigned them.
So, can I create a join meeting link without creating user accounts for everyone who want to join?

Thant you

Can you share the body of the api POST request that you’re sending? There are settings in the docs that you might need to be using.

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Hi @alex.unger,

I’m trying to do the same thing. The purpose is to create a meeting link so that everyone can join without registration. Also, I want the person who sends this request to be the host and should be able to join regardless of if already is attending another meeting.

Here are the parameters I’m using:

  "settings": {
    "approval_type": 2,
    "audio": "voip",
    "auto_recording": "none",
    "enforce_login": false,
    "host_video": true,
    "join_before_host": true,
    "mute_upon_entry": false,
    "participant_video": true
  "topic": "Test Meeting",
  "type": 1

The only problem that I have so far is when I generate a meeting ID and try to show it in an iframe, I get the following message:

The host has another meeting in progress

If you are the host, please sign in to start meeting

I’m embedding an iframe inside my app which allows users to start zoom meetings inside my app. The problem is there may be multiple instances of the app and the user might have started the other meeting from another device but I want the host to join regardless of the other started meeting.

Kindly reply.

Subhan Ahmed

Hi @subhan,

Zoom does not allow a user to host multiple meetings at the same time. If the host attempts to have concurrent meetings by scheduling two different meetings at the same time and enables join before host for both meetings, the following issues can occur:

The host has another meeting in progress
If you are the host, please sign in to start meeting

Let me know if you have additional questions.


Hi @ojus.zoom
Thanks for your reply. I understand what you mean. But the issue I’m facing is that I don’t care if there is an existing meeting of the user, Just start a new one. So is there any way if I can check the status of a meeting ID and leave it through an API. Then I can start a new one using your create meeting api.

Looking forward to your kind response,

Subhan Ahmed

hi subhan,

Yes, you can update the status of your meeting via this API:

Once it is updated, you can start a new meeting through the create meeting api

Here is another approach you can try:

You need to use the API plan, then utilize multiple custCreate users in this API:

custCreate user 1 will host one meeting
custCreate user 2 will host second meeting

custCreate user n will host nth meeting
custCreate user n+1 will be alternative host to all custCreate users {1 … n} so that this user has the ability to host any of these created meetings

Let me know if this helps.


We are in API plan only but whats happening in our case that

user 1 will host meeting 1 ( Participants will be user 1 and user 3)
User 2 wants to join meeting 2 ( Participants will be user 2 and user 1) -> here user 2 sees " the host is in another meeting instead of enter into waiting room

All those meetings has join host before and waiting room enabled

Could you please help us to fix this i.e. user 2 should be able to enter into waiting room

Hey @vijayk.kannan,

Confused here, is user 2 trying to join meeting 2 or meeting 1?


User 2 trying to join meeting 2

Hey @vijayk.kannan,

That is intended functionality.

User 2 won’t be admitted into the waiting room until the host of meeting 1 ends the meeting and then starts meeting 2.


It used to work on 1.5 after upgrading not

Hey @vijayk.kannan,

Please be more specific about the device type. What device and Zoom app?