Generate Zoom Meeting Invitations Programmatically


Hi there!

I own a digital platform (PHP) where we allow users to schedule digital meetings with each other. I am trying to figure out how we can generate zoom room invitations via code. Will we need to have at least one member’s “zoom room” name? Or is there a way to generate an invitation based on date and time that we pass in to the API without either user’s id? We’ll then send this invitation link using a google calendar invite that we have generated.

The meetings will only be one to one meetings :slight_smile:
Please advise! I had a hard time figuring it out using the documentation.


Hi! The only way to schedule a Zoom meeting, and have it show up on the Zoom Room’s list of scheduled meetings on the Zoom Room’s monitor, is to schedule a meeting on the calendar that is integrated with the Zoom Room, then add the Zoom Room as a conference Room resource to the calendar item. You also need to schedule a Zoom meeting, then add that Zoom meeting info to the calendar entry. I believe Google and Exchange have standard ways of adding video conference info to a calendar item; you would use that mechanism to add the Zoom meeting ID to the calendar entry. When the calendar item is updated, the meeting info gets pushed to the Zoom Room, and the Zoom Room displays the scheduled meeting details on the Zoom Room monitor.



Hm, maybe I’m not explaining myself clearly.

What I need help with is the piece of code that generates a zoom meeting invitation.
I’m a little unfamiliar with the API- is there perhaps an example somewhere that I could see?

All I’m looking for is the syntax needed to generate a meeting link via code. I’m also assuming that I don’t NEED either party’s zoom id to generate the invitation - correct?


I recommend asking this question in the REST API forum:

I’m not familiar with meeting ID ownership. This forum is more Zoom Room specific.