Generating Browser Intent Link For Zoom Meeting using meeting details

On our web app, we provide access to zoom meetings based on user roles.
The current Implementation redirects to a zoom url of the format

The issue with such approach is that the meeting password is exposed to the user, and can be shared to a unauthorized person.

To obfuscate this, I plan to generate the intent url directly
format: zoommtg://

I’ve figured the confno, pwd, browser params, but not sure what confid is and if its optional or not.

On further inspection I found that confid is just urlSchemeSignature, jmfId, and unifiedTrackingId encoded in base64.

Can anyone give clarity regarding these fields and their use?



Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Can you share the resource you are referencing for those parameters?

To that end, as long as you are able to decode the obfuscated value, you should be able to use it for the password property value when calling the ZoomMtg.join method.