Generating signed APK error

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Hi Team,

we have two different webrtc files inside our application. One is from the zoom and one is from the Mizu voip. When we try to create a signed apk, android studio is throwing error stating that Type a.a is defined multiple times. We also enabled mutli dex, still it is throwing error.

Which Android Video SDK version?
we are using latest version, 1.5.0

Additional context
Below is the error:

Type a.a is defined multiple times: /Users/deviprasadmanohargamangatti/Projects/Learning Project/Akorbi/android/mobilertc/build/.transforms/e489a86bb0b78227507a1a9dccb84dcc/transformed/jetified-mobilertc-runtime/classes.dex, /Users/deviprasadmanohargamangatti/Projects/Learning Project/Akorbi/android/AJVoIP/build/.transforms/6b1374d9519771a246a02472f2435f2a/transformed/jetified-AJVoIP-runtime/classes.dex

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