Generic Server Error when trying to connect events in Zoom to Marketo


We are moving from Gotowebinar to Zoom Events but experiencing the following issue when trying to connect events in Zoom to Marketo.

These are the specific steps from the instructions (Using Marketo for Zoom Events) we are trying to troubleshoot:

  1. Under Choose program to sync, select from the following options:
  • Use your own program: Add the program name and edit the other values on the page.
  • Zoom Events creates one for you: Zoom Events will create the program for this connection.
  1. (Optional) Under Send join link to Marketo, enter the unique join link that will be sent to registrants.
  2. (Optional) Under Send engagement data to Marketo, select the Send session engagement data to Marketo custom object checkbox.

We get a popup server error when trying to save - no other explanation:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. open test event in Zoom
  2. select Integrations → Built by Zoom → Marketo (this has already been configured using a custom launchpoint service created in Marketo, using a user with API role)
  3. select Configure → Settings → choose the connection → enter the name of an (empty) folder already created in Marketo (I have also tried the option using my own program and get the same error)
  4. select Send engagement data to Marketo
  5. Save → get a popup saying server error with no other explanation

Thank you!