Marketo/Zoom API Error

I’ve submitted a ticket and keep getting pushed over this way. Any help would be great.

Here is the topic:
We have Marketo connected to Zoom and a colleague registered for a webinar and got this error status within Marketo. Error registering with webinar provider. exception=‘API Error: Create Zoom webinar registrant failed’

I registered for the same webinar with no problem. what does this error mean? I’ve tried to find it on the community and forum with no luck with any information. tech support doesn’t want to help. All I want to know is if this is a one-off error that happens when

perhaps a email adress with special characters?

the email validator on zoom is strict

That makes sense, but this doesn’t qualify here. The email did not have any special characters.

Here’s what we found:

  • It seems like the required permissions for the Zoom user you use to oauth from Marketo as documented by Zoom are not complete
  • We found that enabling the additional permissions of full edit Users and User advanced settings seems to have fixed the problem (this was after enabling full admin permissions and reducing permissions from there).

I hope this helps - if you give it a try, please reply back with its success or failure.

That makes sense, but this doesn’t qualify here.