Get a List of Inactive Users in the Past X Days and Change Type to Basic

I work for a school district and we’ve been using Zoom throughout the pandemic to teach students. One issue we’re running into is that we have several substitutes occupying licenses and are infrequently used. I would like to identify inactive users within the last x number of days and change their user type to ‘basic.’ We have 1400 licenses on the account, so doing this manually is tedious. I have very little experience with APIs, so I was wondering - has anyone else had this issue and accomplished what I’m seeking? If so, is there a sample script I can start with?

Hey @rfitzpatrick,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good questions.

If you’re interested in listing inactive users and updating/removing licenses, I should note that it is possible to do this programmatically via API. While we don’t have a sample script, you could leverage the following two API endpoints:

First, call our List Users endpoint to retrieve inactive users:

Then, update a user’s license (or remove it) using our Update User API:

Alternatively, this can also be done via the web portal as well. If you are interested in understanding how to do this in a batch process from the web portal, you can reach out to our Technical Support team for guidance on this as well.

Let me know if this helps!


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