Get attendee report after a meeting ends

Looking for guidance, best-practices, and confirmation/clarity on our current thought process!


Here’s what we’re currently able to do:

  1. We have a User Managed OAuth Zoom application that is not published on the App Marketplace
  2. Using this Zoom application, we are able to authorize a user’s Zoom account(s) with our application and store their access and refresh tokens.
  3. Using said tokens and JWT-based API requests, we can create Zoom meetings using a user’s authorized Zoom account(s) and store the meeting’s ID and Start/Join URLs.

Here’s the functionality we’d like to add:

  1. After a Zoom meeting ends, we would like to be able to get a report of attendees for that meeting, their name, email address, join time, leave time, duration in meeting, etc.

Here’s what we think needs to happen:

  1. Publish our Zoom application on the App Marketplace so that Zoom users can install it.
  2. Prompt our users to install our Zoom application when they authorize their Zoom account(s) with our application (and handle any existing authorizations).
  3. Enable Webhooks for our Zoom application.
  4. Create a Webhook route in our application to handle POSTs from Zoom.
  5. Parse the Meeting Ending event from Zoom.
  6. Whenever a meeting ends, hit the Report Meeting Participants API endpoint to get the data we need.

I’ve found the relevant documentation re: doing everything we think we need to do (though apparently as a new user I’m not allowed to post them).

I hope that makes sense, and I’d greatly appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions.
Thanks in advance!

Hey @sluo,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and for providing information on what you are looking to accomplish. You have a solid understanding of the steps to publish your app and use our tools so there isn’t any feedback I would offer there.

When it comes to obtaining information about attendees after a meeting ends, you can use the Get Past Meeting Participants API or the List Past Meeting participants QoS Dashboard API for more information.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi Max, thanks for looking at my post!

And thanks for confirming what we’re hoping to achieve is possible and that our proposed roadmap to doing so is solid :slight_smile:

And those are definitely the API endpoints we’re hoping to use to grab the attendees post meeting.

Thanks again, and I hope this will be helpful to some other people trying to do something similar!

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I’m happy to hear that answered your questions! Feel free to reach out if you encounter any further issues or questions.


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