Retrive the users camera stream from a meeting

We want know if is possible to retrive the users camera streams from a known id meeting hosted by us. (simply the face of all the users, to put that streams on our web php/javascript portal).

We have tried various ways but it seems that this is not possible to accomplish with the Zoom API.

Hey @assistenza, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Currently this is not really possible, but we are working on this. (No timeline yet).

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Thanks for the reply Tommy, then I will look forward to use this function in the future.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


Dears, is this feature available now? Can someone let me know where i can find the documentation for it if its available?

Hey @yehia.farag,

This feature is not available currently.


Hi. What about now (2020 August)?

Do you guys have a timeline?


Hey @secundo,

There are no updates on this feature.


Is there any update on this feature?

Hi @aixue ,

Not at the moment, but you can monitor the changelog for ongoing updates!

All the best,