Get individual attendee video stream

Is it possible to get each attendee’s individual video streams (as discrete feeds) in a webinar scenario?

I am working on a proposal to allow live events to be streamed over Zoom and have several individual monitors in the venue broadcast attendees, selected at random. Therefore, I need to be able to pick attendee feeds and redirect them to separate graphics card outputs.

For example, let’s imagine I have 500 attendees in the webinar, and 8 LCD monitors scattered in my venue (assuming a high-powered desktop PC/media server with 8 HDMI outputs). I need to randomly pick within those 500 attendees, 8 participants, and then redirect each individual feed to a separate graphics card HDMI output. Then after a set period of time, the app would rotate the 8 participants, and so on.

This concept is attractive to major TV and music productions, who, in light of the current pandemic, are looking at improving the viewing experience while respecting the various capacity regulations in place. It provides a way for the audience to interact with the performers, and bring back a sense of presence and excitement to live events.

Any ideas or suggestions on best practices, and if this is even possible at all with Zoom?

Hi @gabdusch,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. Thanks for sharing the great idea. Currently the Zoom SDK supports customized UI, which means you could design your own UI and where to show which video. However, if you are looking for the raw video stream/data, currently we do not support that.

Hope this helps. Thanks!