Get live meeting streams separately as per participant

I am looking for getting live stream participant wise on my server. I am able to stream complete meeting now but I need streams participant wise.

Do we have something to achieve this ? API or WEB-SDK will do.

Thank You. Looking for Quick reply on this as I am stuck.

Hey @vipulwairagade,

We currently do not have this feature. We are working to provide this in the future.

Stay updated here:


Hi, I just want to second this feature request. We are doing a weekly livestream show now. We have a couple of speakers in our video conference and I want to grab certain speakers at a time, put them directly to a pre-built graphics layout into OBS and output the composition to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, etc.

Right now we are just screen capturing all speakers separately from our video conference tool (which changes now and then, depending on the speakers). But the problem is, that the speaker layout changes as soon as someone is joining, leaving or starts screen sharing. What a pain!

Cheers, looking forward to this feature!

Hey @s.sonnabend,

Thanks for sharing your use case. We will investigate the feasibility of this.