Get live meeting streams separately as per participant

I am looking for getting live stream participant wise on my server. I am able to stream complete meeting now but I need streams participant wise.

Do we have something to achieve this ? API or WEB-SDK will do.

Thank You. Looking for Quick reply on this as I am stuck.


Hey @vipulwairagade,

We currently do not have this feature. We are working to provide this in the future.

Stay updated here:



Hi, I just want to second this feature request. We are doing a weekly livestream show now. We have a couple of speakers in our video conference and I want to grab certain speakers at a time, put them directly to a pre-built graphics layout into OBS and output the composition to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, etc.

Right now we are just screen capturing all speakers separately from our video conference tool (which changes now and then, depending on the speakers). But the problem is, that the speaker layout changes as soon as someone is joining, leaving or starts screen sharing. What a pain!

Cheers, looking forward to this feature!


Hey @s.sonnabend,

Thanks for sharing your use case. We will investigate the feasibility of this.



Trebling this feature request. Having per-camera streams will enable us to continue using Zoom to facilitate real-time conversations between one interviewer and multiple remote, non-tech-savvy participants (who join one at a time), while allowing us on the tech side to work with the individual feeds as needed for feed manipulation in OBS. Just throwing in my two cents to reinforce the desirability of this feature.


Thanks @maskheadroom for your use case!

I am switching this thread to a feature request.



I am also looking for this feature. Do you have a roadmap for this, when it can be expected?


Hi! I also second this, and it would be very useful! Any status on it’s development? If not, any workarounds anybody knows?

Looking for any updates. Just want to add that this is something our team is looking for ASAP!

I would live to reiterate interest in this feature and ask for updates. I am in academia and it would be great to be able to access each student’s feed separately during the meeting to arrange them into teams on the screen, etc… this would be super! Thank you!

Just posting that I too am in need of this feature. Like the above respondent, I want to be able to utilize a subset of participants in pre built graphics in OBS.

Here is a method using Skype, but we are a 100% Zoom user, so would like to be able to do this using Zoom

Me uno a está solicitud, mi organización está siendo tentada a migrar a Skype por esa opción !!! soy 100 % zoom y no quisiera migrar, si pudieran poner está opción como prioridad.

This would be a great feature to have .

I would like to bandwagon this and request this feature as well. It would be incredibly useful to be able to compose individual participant streams into a custom video scene using a tool like OBS which we could then broadcast.

I have run a few virtual festivals now, and this feature would allow limitless possibilities, and would allow a workflow similar to that of an AV production house. Just the ability to individually control audio and video of zoom participants would be perfect.

This would be a killer feature.

In the mean time, at least providing a way where particpant videos don’t move around all over the place when someone exits or joins would at least allow us to do trouble-free screen capture of each participant.

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Hey Tommy!

Neal and I over at Virtual Sapiens would love to see this. Help individuals better read and understand their audiences when it can often be tricky to do so with many participants in one meeting. :smiley:

I’m just wondering if this is actually coming or not. It has been over a year. It doesn’t seem like it should be so hard. Yes having each video be a separate part let me explain how easy this should be.

When we do our podcast we have 3 of us. We also have guests that pop on. Not always. But sometimes. Right now Zoom is basically unusable. I can’t display capture and crop because the videos move. If someone leaves the screen resizes and resets. When there are three of us the screens are shown in a certain way. When we add our guest the entire layout changes. I can see where that is useful for some but for those of us streaming and capturing obs, we need the videos to stay where we want them. Can’t your devs come up with something like that? Layout editor?

It could ask how many video screens do you want. Let’s say I put 4. Okay so the screen comes up and there are four boxes for videos. Even if I’m alone there would be three empty black boxes. Let’s say I’m in the top left box. So I should be able to lock myself there. And now If I display capture zoom and crop it down to just me, then I now have a video feed of myself that will not move. If I turn my camera off my avatar appears. But I will always be in box one. That’s all we want.

Now my cohost arrives. I admit him from waiting room and I can place him in box 2. Then lock it. Now I have a display capture showing him. See now if I were to leave or lose signal. His box remains and doesn’t move and readjust. Then we add our third and he is cropped as well. So now those are all on obs to play as I want. Now when we have guests, when they join they will pop into box 4.

This allows me to use lower thirds. Show videos and resize the participants etc etc. this is a no brainer and yes I paid for pro but if this isn’t added in 6 months when my license is over I’ll be certainly looking elsewhere. Simple layout and locks are slot hat is needed

Totally agree with @cpwc this needs to be added. Streamyard has these abilities. Move around screens and reorganize. Skype even. But I’m paying a lot to zoom and think it should be a feature added ASAP. Simple boxes. Call them layouts and as you add people to the boxes then you lock em.

I am a beginner OBS streamer/recorder… I found this thread searching for “separate video feeds”

Very interested in this.