Get login method of a Zoom User

Is there a way to get the login type of Zoom users?

I tried using the ?login_type= query parameter of the /users/{userId} endpoint but it had no effect.

I would expect this value to appear in the users list (/users) but could not find it there.

Thank you

Hey @tlp,

Have you had a chance to check out our GET Sign in/Sign out Activity endpoint?:

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for!



Not exactly. I want to see a list of
all the users that can login using SSO,
all the users that can only login to API,
all the users that can login using a password,

and most importantly I want to know if a specific user can login with SSO, with a password, with API, etc

Even if they have not logged in recently

Hey @tlp,

Ah, I see—Thanks for clarifying! In that case, I should note that you can query a user by login type, via our GET User endpoint. You will just need to append the login_type query param to your base url and set one of the following values:

When you tried this last earlier, were you specifying one of these values? Unfortunately this is only available on a single User basis at the moment.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi, sorry for the delay,

actually I did use the login_type parameter but I did not notice any change in the API result.

What should be the result if the user can or cannot use the specified login method?


Hey @tlp,

Did you make sure to include the login_type value encapsulated in a string? This should only return the user for the designated login type provided.


The login type is a number, and the login_type parameter is on the /user/{id} endpoint, not the /user endpoint.
Still, encapsulating the login_type with a single-quote or a double-quote changes nothing.
I see no difference in the result no matter what the value for login_type is.

Hi @tlp,

Thanks for clarifying—if you’re able to share a copy of the exact request URL you used and the response, I’m happy to share this with my team, as this behavior does seem a bit strange to me as well.


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