Get meeting API - How do I get the meeting-ended uuid from an occurrence ID?


It’s my understanding that in a recurring meeting, the uuid is the same for all occurrences, as is the meeting id (from this post). However, when a meeting starts/finishes then it gets a unique “ended” uuid?

I’m first getting occurence IDs from here by setting show_previous_occurrences query param to true.

For each of those occurrence IDs, I need the uuid for things like participants of that particular occurrence. I’m assuming every occurrence ID represents a meeting that has finished. So I give it back to , except this time with occurrence_id query param to the occurrence ID. Example of an occurrence_id I am passing: 1607029200000 with meeting ID: 99813181589

In the response I get everything the documentation says I should get back except for the uuid field, where I am hoping is the ended uuid unique to that instance.

This answer seems to indicate the process I did above Meeting ID versus UUID Confusion - #6 by tommy

Hoping for clarification. Thank you!

As an aside the actual api for participant reports returns the email participant key as “email” not “user_email” as the documentation states

Hi @Jman,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

To clarify, occurrence_id and UUIDs are intentionally not associated together. The occurrence ID is used to identify and manage settings of scheduled meetings, whereas UUIDs are generally identifiers for meetings that have happened.

If you’re specifically looking for UUIDs of past instances of a meeting, this would be the recommended endpoint:

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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