Get specific meeting occurrence UUID for recurring meeting

Get latest occurrence UUID for a recurring meeting

Which Endpoint/s?
Meetings API

Additional context
Idea is to create a meeting that can be used by team members to start meetings with the same meeting id

A host would need to create the meeting as the original host and they should set it as a recurring meeting so that it can be used over and over. They can define the schedule of occurrences in advance or set it as “no fixed time” which would allow it to be used at any time. Then they can handle the schedule through Outlook or their calendar service. Recurring meetings - no fixed time

To get the specific UUID for the latest occurrence, I suppose I need to use “{meetingId}/instances

Since this meeting could have many occurrences, is there a simpler way to get the latest occurrence UUID without having to get the entire list of occurrences?

If I get that, I can use that UUID for Get Past Meeting Participants call


Hi @mithrandir

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community! I am glad you are part of it now!

Have you tried calling the List Meeting participants endpoint and passing the meetingId in the path parameters, the API will return a response for the latest meeting instance.

So you wont have to make 2 API calls to get the lates instance of the meeting
Hope this helps,

Ah I had seen that but wasn’t sure if it would return the latest instance or all the past instances. This will do it then. Thanks for the help!

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@mithrandir of course!! happy to help! let me know if there is anything else you need

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