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Based on our last exchange (the attached link) I implemented a process back in July of this year that worked for us. I would use the meeting ID and the “show_previous_occurrences” to capture a list of occurrence_ids for past instances of a meeting.

It now appears that this api call is no longer capturing the occurrence ID but now (and only) the UUID. Has something changed?

API Called

This is information from my last interaction:

To retrieve a list of occurrence_ids for past instances of a meeting, you can call the GET Meeting API with the following query parameter:

This will return an array of occurrences for that meeting. You will grab this from that response and then make a request to the List Registrants API with this value:

Hi @crowleyb ,

Thanks for inquiring about this – happy to help. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your response to help with our investigation? Please obscure or redact any sensitive information you do not want to be shared.


Hello. I figured it out. There was an error on my part. I do have one more question or I can submit a new ticket: How long are meeting IDs, registrations, occurrence IDs available via the API? In other words, how far back is meeting ID data accessible for:

  • v2/meetings/{meetingId}?show_previous_occurrences=true

  • v2/meetings/{meetingId}/registrants?occurrence_id={occurrenceId}

  • v2/meetings/{meetingId}/polls/{pollId}

  • v2/past_meetings/{meetingUUID}/participants

  • v2/past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances

Hi @crowleyb,

So happy you figured it out! Let me answer your next inquiry:

The data for these API endpoints are available for up to 6 months back from the query date.

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Thanks. Just to be clear. If I performed an initial query on a meeting ID for any of the aforementioned endpoints on January 1, 2022. They will only be available until June 1, 2022. Correct?

Hi @crowleyb , this is correct!

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