Get Meeting Information From other Hosts

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Hi, we’re calling to retrieve information about a meeting hosted by a different account.

The meeting specified in the meetingId existed, however the response we got is “Meeting does not exist: 89731062193.”

We’re wondering if it’s possible to get this kind of information from meetings hosted by a different account, or if it’s just possible to get such info from our own meetings.

Thanks a lot.

“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: 89731062193.”

Which Endpoint/s?{meetingId}

Hi @jordi.vilagut,

Good question—this will depend on the authorization method you’re using. If you’re using JWT or private OAuth credentials, you will only be able to retrieve information for users/meetings under your own account.

If you wish to access/make requests on behalf of another Zoom account, you would need to create a public OAuth integration following this process outlined here. End users would first authorize your integration, and then you could retrieve an access_token to make API requests on behalf of their account.


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