Can I use /v2/meetings/{meetingID} on meetings that I didn't create?

I used /v2/meetings/{meetingID} successfully to obtain information about a session that I created. It returns the full json, including agenda, duration, settings.

However, if I specify a meetingID that I did not create, then I get this:
HTTP 404, {‘code’: 3001, ‘message’: ‘Meeting does not exist: {meetingID}.’}

HTTP 404, {‘code’: 3001, ‘message’: ‘Meeting does not exist: {meetingID}.’}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Using JWT

Which Endpoint/s?{meetingID}

hello? did anyone see this?

Hi @User53 ,

What do you mean by specifying a meetingId that you did not create? Who created the meeting then that you’re retrieving the meetingId from?


The meetingId is for a meeting that someone else created. When I do the API call it only works for meetings that I created myself (so my key and secret credentials are from my account). But the API call does not work when I specify a meetingId that another zoom user created.

Hello? Did you understand my question?

Hello? Please let me know if I provided enough details

Hi @User53 ,

Thank you for your patience. We had a company holiday Friday, then there was a national holiday Monday :). For the meeting information you are trying to retrieve, do you have user-access? Meaning, did the meeting creator provide the authorization for you to retrieve that information on their behalf if they are the account owner?


Thanks gianni. For the meeting info I’m trying to retrieve, no, I do not know the meeting owner and they did not give me any access. I just noticed that I can always retrieve meeting info about my own meetings (meetings that I created), but not meetings that other people created. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

Hi @User53 ,

Essentially, the account owner of the application can set different permissions for what information other users or developers can access via API. Check out these resources for more information about role management:

Check in with the account owner/admin of the app to see what your role is and what you have access to.

All the best,

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