Get meeting recordings - no more returns download_url

Here is sample of recording_files entry

{:id=>"0000", :recording_start=>"2023-08-02T21:00:23Z", :recording_end=>"2023-08-02T22:00:35Z", :file_name=>"Audio only - title", :file_type=>"M4A", :file_extension=>"M4A", :file_size=>999999, :status=>"completed"}

we use to get download_url as per v2 documentation, we are no more getting it?

@zoom_admin2 the response seems to be from your code. Maybe you arent stringifying the json response properly. Can you try seeing if you are able to see the output correctly in POSTMAN?

@ojus.zoom Please let me know if you have you called the API recently and getting download_url?

Just tested:

wow! thanks @ojus.zoom - even made the call with curl, to ensure nothing is chopping off part of the response, they aren’t returning play_url and download_url. at least good to know that Zoom haven’t changed the API.

@ojus.zoom - so, finally got to the bottom of this - if you are curious - I wasn’t getting the download url because the account had allow recording downloading only for host.