Zoom API to fetch download_URL

Hi Team,

I would like to confirm whether there has been any change made to the Zoom API?

Zoom API to fetch download_URL: “/v2/meetings/”+meetingId+“/recordings”

Earlier it was told to us that we will always get the original length via the API irrespective of the playback range selected. Based on this, we were using a different solution to trim the video to get the desired length at our end.

This appears to have changed in the last 4-5 days where we are getting the actual playback range via the API and our solution is further trimming it.

Can you please confirm whether the change is intentional and permanent so that we can evaluate what changes we need to make at our end.


@peeyush.khanna it does look like trimming a video will overwrite the original file now (can be restored). For more information please feel free to check out this support article that was recently updated.