GET pending users doesn't list unactivated users

I essentially have the same problem as the author of this thread :

While the thread was closed, this still remains a problem with the API.
I have my company’s domain added as a managed domain, so the account is “activated automatically” as described in the other thread. But in reality the account isn’t really fully “activated”. Despite the account being under the managed domain I want to know if the invitation link URL was actually clicked on by the user, the user information filled out by the user, and fully activated. Until the user clicks on the link and fills out the user information, the user is listed as “Waiting for Activation” in the user list, with a “Resend invitation” button underneath it. However because of the way the API is designed if the account is under a managed domain there is no way for me to get a list of users that are “Waiting for Activation”, because the account is not under “Pending” despite not yet being activated by the user.

There needs to be another query parameter for GET/users to get a list of users with accounts that are still waiting for activation by the user.

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @mis,

Thanks for raising this, and I think this is valuable feedback. At this time, you’re correct in that our Users API does not return a status to reflect users who have been automatically created but have not yet validated via the link in the confirmation email.

I can certainly appreciate the use case for this, and agree it would be valuable to consider adding this status to our API. I’m happy to share this feedback with my team—If you’re so inclined, I might recommend you also consider posting this as a feature request here: #feature-requests


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