Registering to a specific webinar occurrence

I have a recurring webinar set to “Attendees need to register for each occurrence to attend”

I’m using the API to register with a specific occurrence id, but it seems to always register me to the first occurrence, no matter what I pass as occurrence_id.

The POST result always shows the latest occurrence (even if registering to a previous one), but the GET request always shows that the registrant added to the first occurrence (even if passing the later occurrence). GET is consistent with mail information and webinar managing screen.

Hi Abigail,


Can you provide some more information so we can investigate?

webinar id, occurrence ids, registrant ids


here’s one example, the behaviour seems consistent-

webinar id = 687981678

occurrence_id = 1520172000000

that’s the url I used for the POST (with token at header, of course):

received registrant_id = c3uv7_pzSh6xMqdtcXQAfQ, and received the correct start time (2018-03-04T14:00:00Z) 

but right after, in a GET result and on the site it shows the registrant on the other occurrence, number 1520085600000 on the day before.

Hi again,

Any updates regarding this? Really holding us back from migrating to zoom…