Cannot register an attendee to a specific occurrence... STILL

Despite what the API would have you believe, passing ‘occurrence_ids’ to the webinar registrants endpoint does NOT register the attendee to that specific occurrence. It always enrolls them in the very first occurence.

There is no error message because the API successfully registers the attendee, just for the wrong date and time.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Post to the registrants endpoint with a specific occurrence id, using the ‘occurrence_ids’ query variable as described in the documentation.
  2. Look at your registration to find that the user was registered to the first occurrence, not the one for which you passed the id.

Additional context
I have found numerous unsolved posts that eventually just get closed when people give up on waiting for you guys to fix this issue. I have found posts as old as 2017 (Registering to a specific webinar occurrence) and as new as June of 2020 (Add a Webinar Registrant: Endpoint Returning Incorrect Start Time) all complaining about this same issue and your development team has done absolutely NOTHING to fix it for OVER 3 YEARS!!!

PLEASE take this seriously! This is a major issue and it makes using your recurring events utterly useless to anyone needing to send registrations through the API. If we can’t get this working then I am advising my client and all future clients to move to a different platform. This is insane that you guys haven’t fixed this known issue for this long.

Just as a follow up, I would like to add that I have tested sending multiple, comma-separated occurrence IDs to the API and that DOES work. The attendee was registered for all occurrences.

The issue is that you cannot send a SINGLE occurrence ID, as this fails and just registers them for the first occurrence.

Hi @StockAbility,

Thanks for raising this with us, and can definitely appreciate the importance of making it clear when a registrant should be added for only a particular occurrence in a recurring meeting via API. I’m happy to follow up with our Engineering team on this and get a status update for you.

As a next step, is it possible to also share a recent example that you’ve tested with me here? If you could share an example where you’re using the occurrence_ids parameter and specifying a particular occurrence, but the registrant is registered for all occurrences, this will help me to elevate the issue. Please include the meeting ID for your example, as well.

Thanks for your help with this, and looking forward to getting this sorted.


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