Get/Set Cloud Recording's "Disable Auto-Delete" Status

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We have a need to start pruning our cloud recording usage, so we would like to implement an Auto Delete configuration (say, 180 days). However, we have a need to protect a large number of those recordings from being deleted. We could escrow these, but it would be nice to use the API to disable auto-deletion on a large range of recordings at a time (in lieu of true data retention holds, which isn’t offered as far as we know).

Describe the solution you’d like
I would like to perform a workflow like the following, likely with JWT for this scenario:

  1. Use “List recordings of an account” to collect all meeting UUIDs from a designated start-end date.
  2. Use “Update meeting recording settings” to set the “Disable auto-delete” flag. This might also fit well with something like the existing delete/recover recording API to set the action to “Protect.”

The ability to get this value later would be helpful for validation and reporting purposes.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Use the List option to gather recordings of interest, then use the provided download URLs to offload the files elsewhere for retention.

Additional context
In summary, looking for a way to set the below option for recordings in bulk.