Is is possible to get all the recordings for a specific meeting's occurence


I am creating meetings using the recurrence system provided by the Zoom API (recurring meetings with fixed time).

Once a meeting is created, I can get each occurrence of the meeting by using both the meeting ID and the occurrence ID in my request to the API.

In my understanding, occurrence ID and meeting UUID are to different things, and each recording of a meeting correspond to a given meeting UUID.

For being able to recover the recordings of a regular meeting (without recurrence) I proceed like this:

  1. I use the /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances endpoint for getting the meeting UUID of past instances of the meeting
  2. For each meeting instance, I use the /meetings/{meetingUUID}/recordings for getting the recording associated

The issue I have is when I try to recover recordings for a given an occurrence of a recurring meeting.

When I am using the /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances endpoint, it will return me all the instances, for all the occurrences of the meeting.

I tried to use the endpoint like this: /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances?occurrence_id=000000000, but it’s not working.

So I was wondering, is there a way to recover the meetingUUIDs associated to a specific occurrence ID, or to get the recordings of a specific occurrence ID of a meeting using another way?

Hey @nicolas, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Good question! There isn’t a way to get a previous meeting by occurrence ID because that occurrence basically gets replaced by a meetingUUID, allowing you to get previous meetings by meetingUUID.

You could use our Webhooks to get the meetingUUID after each meeting ends, or even use the Recording Completed Webhook which will send you a payload including the download_url and play_url of a recording once it has finished processing.

Can I ask your use case?


Thank you for the quick answer!

Can I ask your use case?

Sure! We are using the Zoom API into a website. Recurring meetings are created from the website using the API, and each occurrence represents a distinct item on the website side, so we need to be able to fetch the recordings only for an occurrence.

I just looked at the links you sent me about the Recording Completed and the Meeting Ended events. In both cases, we don’t have the occurrence ID into the response (if I’m not wrong).

Does that mean that we need to link the UUID to the right occurrence ID according to the date of the recording/meeting instance?

If it’s the case, I have 2 questions:

  • About the /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances endpoints: Is there a limit about how much instances the endpoint will return (for example for a meeting with 50 occurrences, am I sure I will get all the past instances?)
  • Is it possible to have multiple UUID (and multiple recordings) for a same occurrence?

Hey @nicolas,

Thanks for sharing your use case.

Yes the endpoint will return all the occurrences.

You can have multiple recordings for the same meetingUUID if you start and stop recording within that meeting multiple times.


Hi @tommy,

Thank you for your answers, it more clear now.

To make sure I get it right: an occurrence of a meeting can have multiple recordings, but the recordings will all have the same UUID. However, the UUID will be different for each occurrence of the meeting.

I just need a confirmation about my previous question:

Hey @nicolas,


Yeah, so basically the occurrence ID is how to identify a meeting before it happens, after it happens you use the meteingUUID.


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