Get unexpected toll info by users/me/settings api

Hello, when I use users/me/settings api to get user setting, the result got like this:

    "audio_conferencing": {
        "toll_free_and_fee_based_toll_call": {
            "enable": false

It is different from my user setting:

#### oll Call

Include the selected numbers in the Zoom client and the email invitation via the international numbers link. Participants can dial into meeting with the numbers

Only IT admin can make changes for this setting


+61 8 7150 1149


+1 438 809 7799


+81 3 4579 0432


+370 5214 1488


+40 37 170 0418

United States

+1 206 337 9723(Seattle)

Please tell me what happed and how to fix it, thank you.

Hi @oauth11 , is the second example from the web portal?

Actually I don’t know exactly what you are referring to. For a zoom application I am developing, the settings obtained using the user api are different from the settings seen on the zoom official website, as I listed above.

Hi @oauth11 , okay yes when I asked if it was from the web portal, I was referring to your settings on the website.

You can update the settings programmatically with this endpoint in the telephony object: Zoom Meeting API