Is there a constant user ID I can access

I notice when a user joins a meeting, they have a numeric ID.

If they leave the meeting (either deliberately or because of internet problems) and return, the ID changes.

In my app, I am storing a “user state” against their name because the ID is not constant, but really, the name isn’t constant either (users can change their name, or multiple users could have the same name) so I was wondering how to get some kind of constant ID (account ID? or email?) from each user that will not change.


Hi @peeveen,

Thanks for the post. Due to some constraints, it is not supported to get uniquely identifiable information from SDK interfaces right now. However, you could leverage the Zoom API for the purpose you are mentioning:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

That looks promising, thanks very much!

Then again, maybe not:

“This API is only available for Business or higher accounts that have enabled the Dashboard feature.”

(checks … hmm, £160 per month …)
Thanks anyway.

Hi @peeveen,

Thanks for the reply. I have forwarded this as a feature request to the engineering team and the team will investigate the possibility of supporting this in the future.


Has there been any changes to the SDKs related to this feature request? I see persistentID as part of the attendees objects now but sometimes it seems to be the same for all attendees in the meeting.