Get upcoming meetings that include a Zoom Room as a participant

I’m building an intranet and would like to be able to list meetings that will occur in the next 7 days. We have integrated Exchange with Zoom Rooms.

Main issue- I need to be able to list meetings that include a Zoom Room as a participant.

I also need to get meetings where a Zoom Room is the host, but I can get those via /zoom-api/meetings/meetings/.

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Additional context
I’m able to log meeting information via the meeting webhook (meeting created/updated/deleted) but don’t know if it’s possible to get participant details for upcoming meetings. I only really care about live and future meetings.

Hi @nyU7bjlP,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

At the moment, we don’t have an endpoint specifically for listing upcoming meetings that include a Zoom Room, though this is a great suggestion.

While I realize this is not the same, perhaps you will find it helpful to use the List Zoom Rooms endpoint , which allows you to see the current status of a Zoom Room.
Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 2.58.44 PM

Let me know if this helps,

I need to list which rooms are booked during which time periods for each of the next 7 days, so the List Zoom Rooms endpoint won’t work.

Right now our workflow for 99% of meetings involves a user creating meeting in Outlook and using the Room Finder to find which Zoom Rooms are available during the requested time. When they invite the room to the meeting (via the room’s assigned email), the room is booked and the invitation is sent to the other participants.

Even if were able to somehow change the flow so that the Zoom Room becomes the host, I don’t know that that would work because the user still needs the ability to update/delete the meeting.

So I think we’re going to have to look to some other solution. But yes I’d like to request the ability to get upcoming meetings by participant.

Thanks for your help Will.

Hi @nyU7bjlP,

I appreciate the feedback, and can understand how having this information available via API would be helpful. I’m happy to bring this feedback to our team, and I’d encourage you to consider posting a feature request as well, if you’re so inclined: #feature-requests


Thanks @will.zoom. I just opened this feature request.

Thanks, @nyU7bjlP. This is really valuable feedback for our team, and a great request.

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