Get upcoming meetings that include a Zoom Room as a participant (2023)

I invited a zoom room to a meeting via outlook calendar. The zoom room accepted the invitation. Now, when I call the meeting list API for the zoom room, I don’t get any meetings in the response

My issue is same as Get upcoming meetings that include a Zoom Room as a participant but it was opened 3 years back

So, is it still not resolved?

Hi @rrashid ,

The zoom room id and meeting id are not one in the same. When you created the meeting, you should have seen a meeting id generated. This value would be in your web portal for upcoming meetings in addition to the outlook invite info. Are you able to query the get a meeting endpoint with the meeting id and see its details returned?

A participant is defined as a past attendee. For this, you would need to look at the get past participants data. Alternatively, you can see registrants for upcoming meetings. Registrants are those who plan to attend a future meeting.

In order to register a Zoom Room for an upcoming meeting, please see the following:

Yes I get the meeting details by passing meeting_id in meetings API.
But I don’t want to get meeting data by meeting_id.
I want to get all the upcoming meetings of a zoom room by passing zoom user_id. How this can be achieved?

I am using the List Meetings API

When I pass zoom room id, I get empty meetings array
When I pass zoom user id, I get the upcoming meetings

Hi @rrashid ,

Perhaps this resolves your inquiry:

That doesn’t seem related to my problem
My query, to put it simply, is how can I get scheduled meetings (upcoming) for a zoom room?

Hi @rrashid ,

When you set up a Zoom Room did you set up a calendar with an associated email address for the Zoom Room? Referencing the first post listed below.

Try using that email address on the List Meetings endpoint to see which scheduled meetings the Zoom Room is designated as a guest/upcoming participant.

Hi @rrashid ,

I’m not to sure, but perhaps the licensing rights are not adequately associated:

The api will be looking for a USER with that email associated with the Zoom account you’re querying data for. Can you verify the service email you created as a user on the Zoom account?