Get upcoming meetings by participant

I’m building an intranet and would like to be able to list meetings that will occur in the next 7 days- specifically those that include a Zoom Room as a participant or as the host (sidebar- is a meeting host also technically a participant?).

We can get meetings by user from the Meetings > List Meetings endpoint. This will allow me to get meetings where the Zoom Room is the host. However, 99% of our meetings involve a person using Outlook to invite a Zoom Room to the meeting. This means that the Zoom Room will be a participant, not the host.

Describe the solution you’d like
Add a Meetings endpoint that allows us to get scheduled, live, and upcoming meetings by participant ID. Perhaps /users/{participantId}/meetings.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
/users/{userId}/meetings doesn’t work because the Zoom Room is a participant, not the host.

I’ve also tried using Meeting Events Webhooks to log meeting created/updated/deleted. But this doesn’t include participant details.

Additional context
I asked this question in the API forums and @will.zoom suggested that I create a feature request.