Get user contact documentation issue?

When looking at the docs for get user contact, I noticed that the enum for presence_status includes the value away. However, when testing setting my status to away in Zoom yields the value Away for presence_status in the actual call. Is this just a documentation error?

Hey @lew.gordon,

Thanks for reaching out! Happy to help.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, are you saying that the value of the presence_status when you call the API is different than what you’re setting in the client? Or is there something you’re seeing in the API response itself that seems off? Let me know if you can provide an example.


The presence_status in the actual Zoom API response is Away, but the documentation states that the string should actually be away. Hope that helps, @will.zoom !

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Ah, I see! Thanks for pointing that out—we will work on updating our documentation to reflect the capitalization. :slight_smile:

cc @shrijana.g


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