GET /users/{userId}/meetings not returning future meetings

API Endpoint
GET /users/{userId}/meetings

I am trying to store the data for all Zoom meetings of a user account in a database. I am able to use the endpoint to download past meetings and store them, but when I try the parameters “upcoming” or “scheduled” with the “to” date set as much as 90 days in the future, I am getting no meetings returned.

Specifically, even when I specify the “to” date as 2023-09-30, I get the following 200 response:

    "from": "2023-06-07",
    "meetings": [],
    "next_page_token": "",
    "page_count": 0,
    "page_size": 300,
    "to": "2023-06-08",
    "total_records": 0

No matter what date I put as the “to” date with the type set to “scheduled” or “upcoming”, it always returns a “to” date of tomorrow. What’s more is I scheduled an event for both late today and a meeting for tomorrow just to get some data back, but I am still getting this same return with no meetings.

No error message; getting a 200

How To Reproduce
I am not doing anything in particular. The parameters I most recently tried are:
params = ‘?type=upcoming&from=2023-06-07&to=2023-09-30&page_size=300’

Hi @mdickens ,

Could you please check if somehow a space is present before “to” and “from” in the URL as a similar behavior occurred with a previous developer:

There are no extra spaces or characters in my parameters which I included in the original response:

params = ‘?type=upcoming&from=2023-06-07&to=2023-09-30&page_size=300’

Furthermore, if I change the from date to a date in the past, it updates correctly, but the furthest future date it will give me is tomorrow.

I was able to find a previously scheduled meeting for the user account in question in the Zoom Metrics reporting for past meetings. With that in mind, I tried the various types listed in the documentation to get this scheduled meeting to appear. When I tried “type=scheduled” and “type=previous_meetings” per the documetnation, I did not get any results.

However, when I tried “type=past” (which is not listed in the documentation as an option), I was able to retrieve the meeting. This is especially confusing because the documentation says “type=scheduled” should pull ALL unexpired meetings, past, present, and future. Based on what I’m getting when testing, even though this is a business account, I’m only receiving results when “type=past” is included in the parameters.

None of the type options listed in the documentation are returning any results!