GET /users/{userId} returning "Meeting {pmid} is not found or has expired."

When I try to “Retrieve a user”[1], one of our users throws a 404 Not Found error with the message “Meeting … is not found or has expired.” (code 3001). In place of the ellipsis, it shows their Personal Meeting ID. Why would a PMID expire or not be found?


Hi Jonathan, 

Thats weird, can you share the userID so that we can take a further look at this issue?

Here’s the userID: <edit: deleted>

Hi Johnathan, 

This user is associated with your and this message is not supposed to show. I’ll report this to our Engineers so that they can take a look and resolve this issue and followup with you as soon as we’re hear back from them. 


I was on the phone with support today and when asked “Is there anything else?”, I mentioned this. Helpfully, she indicated that this can happen when a user does not use their PMID for a year. Thankfully as an administrator, I was able to test this out. I scheduled a meeting for the user that would use the PMID and suddenly the API started to give me valid responses.

Proposed change to API: Return the best data available when someone has an invalid/expired PMID. They still have department, picture and group information that can be used when the response is not overshadowed by 404/“User not found”.

Hi Johnathan, 

We’re glad that you were able to test it out and get valid JSON responses. In regards to the “404 user not found” our Engineers confirmed it is a bug and are working on fixing it around November timeframe.