User Not Found Error on /past_meetings/<meeting uuid>/participants

We are using /past_meetings//participants endpoint to pull the data of the participants
While using this end point we started getting the User Not Found Error code: 1001.

I basically want to understand all the scenarios when we see this error in the API.

Hi @ZyloTeam thanks for reaching out with this question. Are you seeing this error for some past meetings or all of them? Additionally can you confirm that you’re passing a meeting uuid and not a user id in the request URL? Please provide any other context that you think would be helpful.


Hello, to answer your questions, no we aren’t sending user id its the meeting uuid/ id whatever we call it. Secondly, we aren’t seeing this for all the meetings, basically idea is to pull all the data from the zoom api for the meeting.

Hey again, I’ve seen this error occur when some of the users have been deleted. Do you think that may have been the case? Can you please share your full JSON body request so I can look into it further?


Hello, there are a couple of things I want to ask, firstly when we are fetching participants based on the meeting id, how does user being there or not being there (deleted) affect the response of the api. I don’t think that will be the case for us that user is deleted. I have added the request body from the logs here, removed the meeting Id from it.
method GET uri { host hostname href<meetingId>/participants?page_size=300 path /v2/past_meetings/<meetingId>/participants?page_size=300 pathname /v2/past_meetings/<meetingId>/participants protocol https: query page_size=300 search ?page_size=300 slashes true }
ps: this is from the logs as I said so it’s not a proper json, I think this should suffice because all the fields we are using are present in this.

Also, to add to the question I wanted to ask, the document says to double encode the uuid if starts with / or contains // and we have been double encoding for all the meeting IDs, does that work or we need to check if there are backslash in the meeting uuid

Hi @ZyloTeam,

Thank you for responding with additional details. Can you please send the full API request (URL + request body) to so we can investigate further?

To answer your second question, yes you can continue double encoding as you have been doing – it works even if you don’t have the / in the uuids.


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