getAttendeeslist() doesn't show attendees in console log only showing host name but not other attendees

getAttendeeslist() showing only host not other attendess.

Which version?

Additional context
i have created meeting with type:2,but getAttendeeslist() showing only host name but not other participant name in consol.log(res),any solutions,thanks in advance…

Alright, based on the code in How to insert console.log(res) data to database using php mysqli, this is the problem:

  • It only gets the attendees list directly when you join from the web sdk.


  • You need to add a button to your HTML, and then move your getAttendeeslist() call into a separated onClick event listener function for that button.

That way you can click the button at any time, and thereby get the attendees list any time you want.


  1. Add this to your HTML file
<button type="button" id="get_attendees_list_btn">List attendees</button>
  1. Put this code in your JavaScript file. It could go at the root of the file, or inside the ZoomMtg.join() success handler. It doesn’t really matter.
document.getElementById("get_attendees_list_btn").onclick = function () {
  ZoomMtg.getAttendeeslist(/* ... */)

no.without button i need to get attendees…because i am not joining from the web sdk…because i am getting all participants once host admit to participant.just those people to i have to insert into database…without button…any solution…i am able to see all participants those participants to store it into dataabse.

I understand. This will be possible in version 1.8.0, which will be released in maybe 1–3 weeks.

It will feature a inMeetingServiceListener("onUserJoin") event listener.

I’ll let you know when and how.

okay thanks for your reply…

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after creating meeting when i join through websdk video is not open…any setting to start it .default i am unable to get it.

Do you mean the your camera is not enabled by default when you join with the Web SDK? I’m not sure if you can control that via a setting.

Or did you mean you don’t see any of the other attendees’ video?

Perhaps you could ask a new question on the forum with this topic?

I am trying to find a way to utilize the webhooks to determine when specific participants enter and leave a meeting created via API. We have a database of users on our application that we want to store their attendance within meetings. How can we map our users to the webhook data provided?
meeting.participant_joined how it works using websdk.can you please help me

can you please help me…

Hey @yash.sakali,

You can use the Meeting Participant Webhook or report / dashboard / meeting participant endpoints which will pass you the user_name and user_id of the Web SDK userName and userId. We are fixing a bug with the user_email and userEmail:


Thank for your reply.

Currently we are using userName and usreId . but this detail is not reliable in many cases, like if waiting room is on then the userid I pass get replaced with zoom generated id and they I lost track on that participant, I shared this point with support team approx 2 months ago but due to COVID your support if very much affected. So the email address is the only useful key for me. I hope your team will be able to fix this soon.

Thanks again.

Hey @namrata,

Thanks for sharing this. We will look into this edge case.

Can you please provide more details like what version of the Web SDK you are using and so forth?


We are on latest for both web and app.

Thanks for the info @namrata, we will look into this.