How do i get participant list after creating meeting

how do i get participant list after creating meeting.

Which version?


with the above screen shot where do i get all participant list,i was trying to get them to database but unable to get particular participants please provide some need full help,thanks in advance…

Have you tried using the ZoomMtg.getAttendeeslist() method of the SDK?

Ya but it’s showing error message…what all need to pass in parameter

Error message

  1. errorCode: 3008
  2. errorMessage: “Please join meeting first!”
  3. method: “getAttendeeslist”
  4. result: null
  5. status: false

When do you call the function? Inside the join success callback? Could you share the code?

i have used ZoomMtg.getAttendeeslist() inside init() its working …thank you…but participantid showing 0 and how to get start_time of each attendee

Not sure about start time. I don’t think that’s part of the data returned from the function.

You still have to join a meeting to get a list of participants, not just initialize the client.

Ya inside join() method I have used get attandance function …it’s working fine…but I need start time n partipicate I’d.after each attendee joined…

Right. According to their SDK reference page, support for this will be coming in version 1.8.0.

What you’re looking for is the function inMeetingServiceListener. It essentially adds an event listener for when someone joins or leaves the meeting, as well as some other things.

Here’s the code for it, which again will be available in version 1.8.0:
ZoomMtg.inMeetingServiceListener('onUserJoin', function (data) { console.log(data); });

Okay thank you…how do I get console.log data to store it into databse because I know it in php but websdk is in node js can you please help me to sort my peoblme

Hey @yash.sakali,

Checkout this stackoverflow:

Thanks for your answers @daniel2! :slight_smile:


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Okay thank you…but it’s only work only through websdk…if I want to join from zoo app how do I get participate to my database…any help appreciate…

Thank you

Hey @yash.sakali,

You can use the Participant Joined Webhook:

Or one of our Participant APIs: