GetMeeting Endpoint cannot find non-scheduled meetings after they end

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This endpoint will return “data: { code: 3001, message: ‘Meeting is not found or has expired.’ }” when you try to query a meeting that was “generated on the fly” versus “scheduled” after the meeting has stopped.

It will return data for the meeting while it is live and taking place, and the moment it ends it returns the error above when you try to get the details.

I have replicated this successfully many times, and it does not occur with scheduled meetings.

If i schedule a meeting in zoom, then start it, then end it, i can query the meeting via this endpoint at any stage and i get data back.

data: { code: 3001, message: ‘Meeting is not found or has expired.’ }

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Start a zoom meeting (do NOT schedule it, just start one clicking new meeting in the app)
*2. Query the get meeting endpoint while the meeting is live and taking place (you should get a response back with the meeting payload)
*3. Stop the meeting and query the endpoint again for the meeting ID, you will get error 3001.

Repeat the same steps above except SCHEDULE a meeting, do not “instant start one”.
You will be able to query this meeting at any stage in its lifecycle.

@bk-zoom once the meeting is ended that meeting will be considered as a past meeting and will be requested by → /past_meetings/{meetingId}.

If still have any queries please share. Thanks

Why am i still able to pull up “past meetings” under this endpoint when they have been created via schedule instead of “instant started”

Once you stop the instant meeting that event will be considered as a past meeting and will be no more requested as available.

@bk-zoom Endpoint, please?

I understand this, however why is this functionality not being respected for scheduled meetings?

By this logic, any meeting that has ended should not be able to be retrieved by the meetings endpoint, yet i am able to retrieve scheduled meetings that have ended via this endpoint no problem.

Is this a bug in the meetings endpoint, undocumented features, etc?${meetingId},

^ will return meeting details for a scheduled meeting that is ended

If the meeting is still in the Upcoming tab and the scheduled time is not expired then you can get that meeting details using

E.g if you have scheduled a meeting for 2023-01-07T12:00:00Z and you have started that meeting right today 2023-01-05 then still the meeting is active until the scheduled time will be expired. The 2023-01-05 instance will be in past_meetings with a unique id called uuid.

Every time a meeting is scheduled it has uuid which is active uuid and once the event is ended Zoom is going to assign a different uuid for that past meeting instance called instance uuid.

If still not clear please ask.

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Yes, it will return meeting details b/c the meeting is still active and in the Upcoming tab.

For ended instance details you can get that details by calling the /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances endpoint and /past_meetings/{meetingId} endpoints.

Thank you this is a very clear answer

@bk-zoom Welcome and Thanks :slight_smile:

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