Meeting is not found or has expired. Get Meeting List


Need explanation why the API Get Meeting List returned me an expired or no meeting found during our automation. However, when I tried today to submit this request, I got the result. May I know what I just missed, we have an automation running every 3AM Melbourne time to get all the meetings for the day.

Meeting is not found or has expired…

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Request Get Meetings and passing the date range
  2. Loop thru other users and retrieve based on date range

Hi @svc_dynamics
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Are you just querying scheduled meetings for a future day?
once you get the meeting IDs, you try to query it and get the error?
I have not seen the meeting is not found or has expired when calling the Get meeting list endpoint

Hello Elisa,

Yes, I was querying scheduled meetings. I’d also tried the upcoming query. Same results.

I was trying to iterate several Users a day and retrieve their meeting based on today’s date. Out of 10-15 users, I am getting 1-2 error “Meeting not found or has expired” But when I tried to query those erroring using Postman, I don’t get the same error.


so you do not get the error using postman? @svc_dynamics

Yes, we did not. Just in the automation with 10-15 requests and it resulted a random user with error.


Hello Elisa, I had errors ‘Meeting is not found or has expired’ several times with the same instructors for a couple of days. Do you have any ideas why the API is erroring with random requests?

Hi @svc_dynamics
Sorry for the late reply here, I did not get a notification, make sure to tag me when you reply
Are you still seeing this issue? do you have a meeting ID you could share with me so I can take a closer look?

Hello @elisa.zoom

Yes, we are still getting this issue. And I’ve noticed that it is repeating with our 3 users. Here is one of the user You received a secret - One Time.

Please let me know what you’ve found and give me advice what is possible reason or it if it needs a change on our API call.


Hi @svc_dynamics
I will send you a private message so you can share more details about the issue

Replied to you in private message @elisa.zoom

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