Getting 15003 Error Code every time

Keep getting AUTHRET_OVERTIME after calling SDKAuth(authContext)

onAuthenticationReturn callback returns AUTHRET_OVERTIME. GetErrorCode returns 15003.

Which version?
Version.txt says “v5.2.42037.1112”. Calling GetVersion() returns “version 5.2.1 (42037.1112)”.

Device (please complete the following information):
Windows 10 (20H2 OS Build 19045.630)
Qt 5.10, MinGW C++

Additional context
The sdk_demo_v2 program runs fine: authentication using JWT works properly, and I can login to Zoom. But, on the same computer, my app (using the same JWT) always results in AUTHRET_OVERTIME. I have compared the steps taken in sdk_demo_v2 and matched them in my app, but still it fails to authenticate. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey @drpclind,

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What happens when you use your SDK Key and Secret instead of the JWT inside of your app?
You can replace AuthContext with AuthParam to test this scenario.



I managed to solve this problem on my own. I tried to close this post, but was unable. Please close it and forget about it. This one was entirely my error.


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Hey @drpclind,

I am glad you were able to solve your issue :slight_smile:
Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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