Getting 300 Error on custCreate for Pro Account

All of sudden for 3 users, While creating user with custCreate option getting below error.

Please help to fix the issue.

    [action] => custCreate
    [user_info] => Array
            [email] => A*****@a********         
            [type] => 2
            [first_name] => Ale*****r
            [last_name] => C***e         

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><result><code>300</code><message>Validation Failed.</message><errors><field></field><message>Invalid field.</message></errors></result>

Hi @Dora_Reddy,

This error typically appears if the user already exists under the account. Can you confirm that the email address you’re passing isn’t already associated with a user under the same account, perhaps as a standard user?

Let me know—thanks!

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