Getting 404 Error while running on Apache Server

I have integrated web sdk into the angular application. Followed the exact sterps as mentioned in websdk-sample-angular on github.

When tried to run locally was getting 404 error for audio and video. Then in my startmeeting component ( not appcomponent) i add the below.

ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(‘’, ‘/av’)

Then it started working locally when i go to localhost:4200/startmeeting the meeting is getting started.

Then i did ng build and deployed the www folder to my hosting account where apache web server is running.

when I try to access the page i am getting a404 not found error. All other pages on the domain work except the page where the startmeeting page .

Basically works on local host but does not after deployment.

WebSDK Version 1.8.1

Hey @srikrishna.kasturi,

Instead of this, try bundling the required Web SDK files by adding this JSON object in angular.json

Let me know if that fixes the issue for you! :slight_smile:


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