Websdk sample angular app (1.8.5) works on local but not production

I set up the websdk angular sample app as detailed here: GitHub - zoom/websdk-sample-angular: Use the Zoom Web SDK in an Angular App

It works as expected when served locally, but when hosted using firebase, joining a meeting is not working.

After some time I get a popup with the following message: “Joining Meeting Timeout: Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.”

Which version?
Sample app version 1.8.6 (uses websdk version 1.8.5)

To Reproduce

  • Set up sample app as described in documentation
  • Host with firebase


Hey @sam.w.mackinnon ,

Make sure the Web SDK node_modules are accessible in your production env. Sometimes your hosting service might exclude them. See:


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