Getting a Black Screen whenever I import the zoom web client sdk through cdn to my website

Hi. I’m building a website that uses the zoom web sdk. Whenever I try to import the Zoom Web SDK Meeting Client, I don’t get any errors but I do get a black screen that covers the whole window. What’s going on? Could this have to do with the list of developer impacting changes? Or is this just me?

There’s no error message, just a black screen.

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Hey @jfsuarezb,

Make sure you are including the pre functions:

Also try putting logs so you can see if the init and join functions are being called.


Hey tommy. Thanks! By the way, those functions don’t appear on the SDK Guide.

Same issue, the preload functions are there,

Chrome version: 81.0.4044.124
iOS Version: 12.4.6
Vanilla Web SDK: 1.7.7

@tommy Having the same issue as mentioned by other users, I was also not getting any errors in console on Chrome and the page is just reloading with a blank screen, tried different iPhone devices with the same versions mentioned above.

Here are the steps through which I was able to see errors in the console.
Remove this line from JS

Now you’ll see this error in console.
LOG>>>>>>>> CREATE JSMEDIASKD INSTANCE <<<<<<<< ERRORTypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'e.match(/version\/[\d.]+/gi).toString')

Please assist on this issue.

Hey @jfsuarezb,

They are mentioned here:

We will also add them to our docs. :slight_smile:


Hey @elearningevolve,

Please see my response to your post here:


Hi tommy,

I am using Web sdk 1.7.8.

I am including these pre functions

still I am getting blank screen only in Chrome on iPhone XR 13.5.1 , but in Safari its working without audio.

Hey @Seethaprasad_Mandike,

Please follow our upcoming release which should fix the issue: