Getting a recording - 404, "This recording does not exist" for recordings that should exist

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

My application is trying to get a meeting’s recording files download_url which that API returns. It then uses that download_url to download the transcript text.

Error?[redacted_uuid]/recordings Returned Status Code: 404 Request: {‘code’: 3301, ‘message’: ‘This recording does not exist.’}

How To Reproduce
It can be reproduced by calling the api above with affected uuids. I have a list of uuid’s / meeting IDs if that helps with investigation, but I think for privacy it’s better to not include it in the post.

I can confirm that these recordings should not be expired, my organization has a 6 month window and recordings from, for example 2022-04-29 15:27:08-04:00 have the same error.

Hi @Jman ,

I’m a little confused.

Here, you say the API successfully returns the info requested:

But here, you share this error:

Are you getting this error on the endpoint or when you use the download_url that the endpoint returns?


Hi Gianni,

I’m getting that error on the endpoint I linked

Hi @Jman ,

Which endpoints are using to confirm the meeting exists? Can you see evidence of the recordings in the web portal or through webhook event notification?


Hi Gianni, I use this Zoom Meeting API to get meetings of a user.

We don’t have webhooks setup but I’ll see if I can double check that the recording is available in the portal and report back

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Hi Gianni, just want to confirm that if a meeting has expired, then it will not be returned by the get meetings API. If we had saved the recording url, then does its recording continue to be available? My organization has a 6month expiration date

Hi @Jman ,

This is correct!

Yes it should still be available then up to 6 months from the time the recording was completed.

You can also see how a list of all recordings this way under " How to export a list of cloud recordings".